Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Challenge Quilt

Like I really need another quilt project. Our guilds challenge this year is to make a miniature quilt using the 8 fabrics you received, and no blocks larger than 6".  At least 12 fabrics must be used (not a problem I have over 20 picked and have to eliminate some) and at least two techniques. Here is a picture of my fabrics.  Everyone got some combination of  8 of 20 different fabrics and cuts of 6 1/2" inches wide down to 2 1/2".  Every bag is different.

Okay, diffidently not my usual color pallet or fabric choices.  My first idea was add more teal and fine a fabric with most of these colors. 

My thinking was use the stripe and add the orange stripe to it for sashing between the blocks.  Now that my quilt is planned I chose wilder colors and am not going to use these.  Here is a picture of my sashing color. 

Really! This one!  No I haven't gone crazy. I decided to make matryoshka dolls, Russian nesting dolls. I and going to sash the blocks with this orange and some kona black.  The dolls will be on a white on white paisley design.  Each doll or set will be of a wide variety of colors.

I have designed my faces and will print them on fabric.  I have 5 sizes chosen for the dolls right now.  I have an array of white block sizes cut out and a few dolls fused and ready for applique.

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