Monday, November 25, 2013

3 Day Dog Quilts - Dog 2 fabric

Fabric Dog Stage

Here are some pictures of the process of adding the fabric to my canvas sketch.  I free hand cut all the fabric, added each piece and then choose and cut another piece.  I think the blue and purple under the black thread painted layer will help add dimension.

To hold everything together until covered with thread painting I use a bit of elmers washable school glue and freemotion zig zag stitch with invisible thread.

3 Day Dog Quilts - Dog 2


Here is Dog 2  - such a cute little pug.  I will need to narrow the black section on his face a bit.  The camera angle really distorts the face on the drawn picture.   The sketch on cloth will be where I make the changes before adding the scrap color layer.  


Saturday, November 16, 2013

3 day dogs- dog 1 finished

Okay so it took more than 3 days, but only because I didn't get around to sewing.  I spent 3 hours last night doing the thread painting over my fabric dog.  I am really please with the texture and the colored fabric that shows threw all of the thread.  Used 3 bobbins of sulky invisible thread for the thread painting.   I used mostly Isocord thread on the top which is one of my favorite threads.  Seven colors used, not including the Superior metallic for the collar.  I cropped and added a backing and batting and then out lined the dog and areas I wanted to stand out.  The background was densely free-motioned quilted with a variegated Superior thread in the top a and variegated brown in the bottom.  I used another whole bobbin just for the background even though the entire piece is only about 8 by 7.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 Day Dogs - Dog 1 (day1-2)

I've been very busy and have not posted lately.  My newest project is to try and improve my drawing skills and my thread painting.   I downloaded some copyright free images of dogs.  I am using 1 day to sketch the dog and transfer to fabric, one day to freehand cut out fabric and tack it down.  The third day will be to finish with thread painting.  Now I'm not planning on spending an entire day, just allowing a short practice time.

Here are some pictures showing my transition from day 1 to 2.

Sketch redrawn on duck cloth

I changed my mind on the black back ground after sewing all the loose fabric down.  It looks too much like it is the dog's fur.   Here is a cropped pic of the before and after change.