Friday, January 18, 2013

Envision, Explore, Evolve


I have decided to follow Leah Day's free-motion quilting project.  Although she has provided a pattern to use, I have designed two patterns of my own.  This first pattern I painted on fabric using Jacquard fabric paint, Ink Intense pencils and  Tsukneo all purpose inks on white fabric.  
For quilt two I used the same pattern.  I pieced  blue and green batiks for the background and fused brown batiks for the trees.  I am in the process of drawing the above picture on it in white thread. 

Here you can see the top of it as it sticks out from my machine.

The third quilt is a different design, but similar to Leah's free pattern.  It will be drawn with thread on black fabric.  I did practice writing words, as in her lesson.  Will post when I do them on the quilts.  I've free-motion quilted words before, but never thought about going over them several times.  I like this look much better and plan to use it in future quilts.  Thanks Leah for this lesson, just wish I'd knew this for my women of the bible quilt.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January - clean up

I have spent the 1st 2 weeks of January cleaning up and reorganizing my sewing room.  The peg boards with tools and threads are now neat and accessible.  The furniture is in place, so all that's left is to sort through the piles of scraps and organize my patterns.
I've had a basket to toss empty spools in for awhile.

Decided to count before I threw them away.  Many more than I thought.  Over 100!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beautiful Crisp Morning

Despite how cold it is in the kitchen,  I love looking out the window in January because of the beautiful sunrises.   Here are a few pictures taken this morning.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quiet Books

I  have started making some quiet books for my grandchildren. I am using double layers of wool felt for  the pages and most of  the activity pieces.  Here are a couple of gavin's pages.