Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A miracle ---i can see

A miracle - well for me anyway. I can see the top of my cutting table.
(I love how the sunlight through the curtain makes shadows on the table)
I actually got it cleaned off today. Only out of necessity though. Had to make room to square up the star block quilt I've been working on. I finished all the quilting today. ( I am so in the market for a mid arm machine and frame - 6 inches and shoving the quilt through that spec is driving me crazy) I did some free motion single line stars across the top bottom of the quilt. I also came up with a quick easy way to bind. I left one inch of fabric extra on the back. Then I folded the fabric in half and then again and finally pushed it over the from and topstitched it down. Very nice 1/8 inch binding.

Quilt label to be added tomorrow and then packing it up to leave for Florida on Friday. It is a gift fro my son. Actually he got the top last May for graduation from college and then I took it back to quilt.

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