Monday, February 7, 2011

The Wonders of Duck Tape - upcycling

Duck tape : you gotta love this stuff!
Here is my money saving up-cycled dress manikin,  and yes it is made of duck tape.  My husband put in a movie Friday night and wrapped me in duck tape.  Then he cut the back in a zigzag and after removing it we taped up the back.  I used cardboard to close the neck ( from a the box our heated came in..  I started to stuff it with plastic bags, but alas I remembered to return all my plastic bags and took my reusable cloth bags with me to the store. :0(  New idea, I'd stuff it with the paper in the shredder.  Not quite enough so I stole the bag of shredded paper my daughter was saving for her guinea pigs.  To finish off I cut cardboard to seal the bottom and duck taped it in place.   Then I cut a small hole in the bottom and slowly Tugged my manikin over an extra mic stand.   Yeah, it worked!
Now off to design some patterns!

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