Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rose petals and magnolia dye

More dye experiments Thursday....

Don't the rose petals look gorgeous!
I did tear them up and mash the rose hips.  After simmering for 1 hr the dye was only a pale yellow so I went ahead and added the Magnolia pods. I was lucky enough to find them outside the orthodontics office Thursday morning. (Yeah!)

There was not as much dye as I had hoped so I poured most in a jar for a pole wrapped cloth (white velor).  Then I scrunched some cotton in a small jar and poured dye and petals and pods in it.  The fabrics were soaked in soda ash and line dried while the dye brewed.

The last piece I added all the pods and petals in folded and wrapped layers and placed it in a baggie.

Now the wait is on.  These will sit in the sun for as many days as I can stand to wait.

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