Saturday, September 25, 2010

Walnut Dyeing - better results

I have redyed my walnut cloth results.  The green was just ugly.  A special thanks to Joanne Harper. She suggested using an iron pot.  I had an old rusty one that I keep my rust dyeing objects in.  I poured the cold walnut dye, husks and all in to the iron pot.  Then I put my pole wrapped piece in.  I was planning on leaving it several days but I had to look this afternoon and it was all ready a lovely chocolate color.
I gathered up different fabrics -beige  linen shirt, white cotton, and folded them for a bath.

I removed the pole wrap and put the new fabric in.  Instantly they began to turn various shades of brown.  The fleece (or batting?) fabric became a very rich black.  But alas it will not work.  i pulled the other batting piece out from Thursday and photographed it.  Then I squeezed the water out and it was just a very light gray.

 Pictures of fabric dyed in walnut dye before and after being rinsed.  Fabric one was the ugly green over dyed, still using the pole wrap.

Fabric two was unbleached muslin - pole wrapped, before and after rinsing.

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