Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do Not Weep

I am trying to keep a record of the “Do Not Weep” quilt. After completely starting over with new designs I chose a new color scheme. Each woman will be a different color from light to dark of that color. Woman one is purple. After sketching her and assigning color value, I made a copy on double freezer paper.

Next I cut the woman out of heavy weight stabilizer. I then cut her out of medium purple about a 1/2 larger and wrapped that around the stabilizer and glued the edges down on the back. The next step was to cut out the darkest value from the freezer paper and fuse them on the fabric. I cut out the shapes, added fusing and positioned them in place using the holes in the freezer paper as guidelines.

That’s as much as I worked on so far. I did finish the the eight points for the mariners compass block for the star quilt, and picked out fabric for the 6 remaining houses in the “Strolling the Block” quilt. Next I must cut out all the fusible pieces for each color.

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