Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

The Girl with the Pearl Earring - from a class by Lola Jenkins
I am really pleased with my results, not because I did a particularly fantastic job with it, but because I was able to get it done at all.  First I arrived at Monday's class 4 hours late.  Yes, that was correct.  I had a neurologist visit and had made arrangements for being late, but no idea I would be this late.  Lola just took it in stride and got me started.

I chose a lovely colored batik for my project.  I transfered my design and started free-motion quilting away. (Oh, I'm good!)  My machine decided to cause all kinds of trouble.  I quilted quite a bit and stopped to check out the back stitches.  When I pulled the bottom thread, all of my work came unstitched and I was left holding a long curling wad of black thread.  After many attempts to correct this, a friend let me use her machine.  (Yeah!)  I was able to get the girl finished in black and start on the coloring.  My first idea was to use free-motion vines in a shimmering white for the background, but it just didn't do a thing for the quilt.  Lola suggested large diamonds.

So yesterday, I use superior variegated thread 808 to do small meandering in the background.  I also recolored the girl using ink intense pencils to make her much darker.  My machine is working fine -just used a different bobbin and another brand of thread.

Here are my results.  I will still have to decide on a boarder technique.


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