Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February's Scrap Challenge

February's scrap challenge color was red.  First I choose a photo of one of my roses.  I decides to select a portion of it and make a kaleidoscope.

 I started with looking through my large and small scraps for lights and darks.

Next I sorted thread for various red shades.  It is unfortunate that as soon as white is added to fed you get pink or if yellow a peachy shade.  I decided to only use the reds.

Here is my pizza slice wedge based on the flower contours from a small section. I started with red satin, but scored it.  I found a darker cotton and utilized what I could of the satin scrape for the applique pieces.

Below is my finished piece.  After lots of applique and then quilting I finished the piece off by going around the edges twice with yarn and a zigzag stitch.

You may be able to see some of the free hand quilting  by clicking on the close up.
Unfortunately, i was not happy with my results.  I think when i have time I will do a realistic read rose.

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