Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pen and Ink

I am finally getting around to posting my finished pen and ink lighthouse.  I used it as one of the gifts for my family Christmas games.  I also made angels, satin ornaments, wallets from chocolate wrappers, book marks and lots of those bags that get thrown in the microwave to heat up and put on sore backs.  They had a lot of fun steeling the gifts from each other.  My second oldest  sister and her husband got the lighthouse painting.  It will go great in her TV room which has a lighthouse theme.
Here is a picture of the finished lighthouse, the edge is cut of due to the scanner size.

Here is a picture of the Apple Dry House:


  1. I am working on similar projects. Trying to learn how to paint on fabric is a real learning process. I love these pen and ink drawings. Great work.