Sunday, May 31, 2009

God's Grace

This is my unfinished quilt on God's Grace.  The stairs are white fabric that was painted increasingly darker.  Strips were pieced with a blue organza fabric over the stair fabric.  This would have been so much easier if I made a template or used freezer paper.  I just eyeballed it and if it didn't match my picture I unstitched and adjusted the angles.  Oh well, I learned my lesson.

Now, I just can't decide how to quilt it.



  1. This is beautiful! Would love to see your Sations of the Cross series you mentioned. Where do I look?

  2. Thanks for the kind words. The Stations are not posted yet. I want to have the whole set ready and photograph them at one time. It may be awhile until these are finished.
    You may be interested in my Women of the Quilt. It is made up of 16 quilts depicting various Biblical women and a 6 ft woman with all the names of the women in the bible free-motion stitched in chronological order around her body starting with Eve at her heart You may view it at: